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MARCH 28, 2019


Downtown Vancouver…It’s nice. One of my favorite things about working here is the location – it’s everything. Already I’m hearing my own words “ yeah, but I’m not much of a city person”, but that was before I knew anything. I used to think being downtown would be a lot like, well, Portland. Everyone is busy and angry and no matter how many times you circle the block you will never get a parking spot by the coffee house you want to go to. It all just sounded like unnecessary chaos to me. Downtown Vancouver surprised me though. It’s quaint, but not in a grandma’s hand knitted pillows kind of way. More of a people like to say hello around here kind of way. Almost every person has a dog with them (myself included) and don’t think it’s a waste of time to let them sniff each other in passing.

There are also a ton of small boutiques, privately owned restaurants and coffee houses, and a giant park where the community frequently throws events. If all that sounds a little too small-town vibe for you then walk a few blocks over to the recently developed water front. You can walk right up to the Columbia and even on a boardwalk that leans out over the waters edge. Two new high-end restaurants even took advantage of this new location and set up shop with large windows so you can sip your whiskey by the fire and stare out over the graceful river.

If you’re a little more like me though a $5 burrito from la conga is more than enough. Besides, you’re burning the extra calories off in the 6 blocks back to the office. Seriously though, we have all the food! If I wanted to walk and grab lunch I could choose anything from Japanese, to Thai, to Pizza, or maybe a mighty bowl if I’m trying to be on the healthier side. We are so very spoiled working here.

In the spring the Farmer’s market starts up and you will see me strutting across the street to get some fresh berries for the office. In fact, most of the community events that the city does are held downtown at Esther Short park. In the summer you will see movies playing there, markets and booths, hula dancing, concerts, and more. In the cold it’s a great place to take your dog to let them run and roll around a little- They weren’t meant to work all day at a desk.

It’s also convenient to be able to run all my errands on my lunch break. Today I went and got my haircut at a salon near by. If i’m stressed enough I might have to walk around the corner and get a massage (best lunch break ever!). We have shopping, hardware stores, electronic stores, and shipping mailrooms so any task I need to get done is a short walk away.

The best best best part though, is the coffee shop. We have coffee in the office and it’s good, but nothing beats a hot latte on a cold morning. Directly across the street we have one of the best coffee houses in Vancouver – Coffee lab. If that place isn’t your favorite, don’t worry because there’s about 15 other places to choose from near here. We have a bakery around the corner with fresh baked morning bagels too. The smell alone has pulled me in before.

To burn off all the calories from talking about this food I may have to take up morning yoga, or rock climbing which as you guessed it is also just up the street. It’s hard not to brag when we have everything out our front door! The cherry on top though? There is always parking! Everywhere you go you will find a spot on that block ( no guarantee but it hasn’t failed yet). All I’m saying is working here, not just at Salvo, but at the location where Salvo is, has been the greatest gift that I never knew I was missing. I don’t want to let the secret out though so just between me and you?

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