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MARCH 28, 2019


Taking an afternoon stroll after lunch, passing strangers with their dogs, and being close to everything you need; these are all things you can expect from downtown Vancouver, WA. 

Salvo is located downtown caddy corner to Esther short park and it’s one of my favorite perks of the job. Unlike most downtowns that are busy, hectic, and dirty, downtown Vancouver is peaceful and quaint. Don’t let that fool you into thinking it’s boring though. There are always events and activities happening nearby. There is a varietal selection of cuisines, shopping, and all the supplies you need to complete your to do lists that day. 

The people you pass will always acknowledge you and often wish you a good (insert time of day). No one seems too busy for common courtesy here. Every stranger you pass will also likely have their dog with them (myself included) meaning the dogs get to say hello as well via sniff. 

Boston Terrier Dogs on Sidewalk

One of the things Vancouver is known for is the number of small privately owned boutiques. Any theme you’re hoping for is available from sports goods to designer clothing and even crystals and healing gems.

If all that sounds a little too small-town vibe for you then walk a few blocks over to the recently developed water front. You can walk right up to the Columbia and even on a boardwalk that leans out over the waters edge. Two new high-end restaurants even took advantage of this new location and set up shop with large windows so you can sip your whiskey by the fire and stare out over the graceful river.

For me – I tend to dine at the quick stops requiring a lower social profile. $5 will get you a burrito from muchas gracias and I do love burritos. Besides, you’re burning the extra calories off in the 6 blocks back to the office. 

If you’re not in the mood for inexpensive mexican food you can choose anything else! Seriously though, we have all the food! A short walk can get you anything from Japanese, to Thai, to Pizza, or maybe a mighty bowl for a healthier choice.

In the spring the Farmer’s market starts up and you will see me strutting across the street to get some fresh berries for the office. In fact, most of the community events that the city does are held downtown at Esther Short park. In the summer you will see movies playing there, markets and booths, hula dancing, concerts, and more. In the cold it’s a great place to take your dog to let them run and roll around a little- They weren’t meant to work all day at a desk.

Convenience is something I value as a working dog mom. There is nothing worse than getting off work and having to spend the rest of your evening doing other errands and chores. Having all the necessities within walking distance of work means I can get a lot done on my breaks and lunches. Today I got a haircut at a salon down the street and was back in time for my shift to start back up. Stressful morning? Book a massage! 

We have shipping mailrooms, a hardware store, electronic stores, markets, and more. If i’m out of office supplies for work I never have to go far. You’re starting to get the picture. 

We have coffee in the office and it’s good, but nothing beats a hot flavored latte on a cold morning. Directly across the street we have one of the best coffee houses in Vancouver – Coffee lab. If that place isn’t your favorite, don’t worry because there are about 15 other places to choose from near here. We have a bakery around the corner with fresh baked morning bagels too. The smell alone has pulled me in before.

To burn off all the calories from talking about this food I may have to take up morning yoga, or rock climbing which as you guessed it, is also just up the street. It’s hard not to brag when we have everything out our front door! 

The cherry on top? There is always parking! Everywhere you go you will find a spot on that block (no guarantee but it hasn’t failed yet). All I’m saying is working here, not just at Salvo, but downtown Vancouver, has been the greatest gift that I never knew I was missing.


Written by: Karissa

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