Dogs Work Here Too



MARCH 28, 2019


Yes, we really have dogs in the office! Studies have shown that having a pet around an office setting can be beneficial to employee mental health. It reduces anxiety, and can lower stress. This is all important especially for employees who spend most of the time indoors – lacking vitamin D, and staring at computers all day. The truth is, we don’t care about any of that! We just love dogs.

The original office dog was Toasty. The small Pomeranian started the trend of dogs being accepted at work and for that we thank her. Although Toasty doesn’t come in anymore she has left many memories with the employees to remember her by.

Side note: anyone with a puppy please feel free to apply for any open position. With a puppy in the office productivity will come to a crashing halt, but who is worried about productivity when you can play with puppies!

Crunchy aka “Count Cruncherson” frequently comes to work, but not enough to add him to the payroll. He still needs some training when it comes to office manners because he will undoubtedly jump on anyone who comes in. He also likes to leave chewed rawhides hidden around the office. This normally isn’t a problem except when you suddenly find a wet bone under your desk and crunchy hasn’t been here in days…who has been eating that? We keep him around though because he has so much enthusiasm as the official office greeter. With that attitude and a little training he will be the model example for all future office dogs.

We didn’t have to think long when we first considered bringing dogs in. We are aware that some people don’t like dogs, are allergic, or maybe they are more of a cat person. We will still prioritize people over pets meaning some days the pups will have to stay home. 

We don’t want to exclude anyone from being here, but if someone is a “Cat person” then do they really belong? Of course we will always welcome people who prefer cats, or don’t love animals at all, but they will have to tell that to this sweet face directly while we play Sarah Mclachlan music in the background AND NOT CRY – you monster!

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