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MARCH 28, 2019


EZ Lynk is an international company that developed a cloud based diagnostic and reprogramming tool for your vehicle.If you have ever had a diagnostic light come on in your dash, then you probably had to drive to a mechanic for them to use their scanning tool to find out what’s wrong. The auto agent device is just like that scanner, but it stays in your car. The read out can be accessed securely anywhere you can use the app! That’s just the basics of it, but you can use this tool to do so much more.

How cool is that!? Many car and truck enthusiasts have caught on to this technology and have used it to enhance their performance. They can make micro-adjustments to their engine and electronic components so that they are getting the best torque, and optimum valve timing for what they are doing. Racing, towing, and off-roading are all examples of a vehicle pushing itself to the limits and now the driver (or their team) has even more control. Even on youtube tons of diesel truck enthusiasts have been sharing their experience with EZ lynk and posting great reviews!

So where do we play a part in all this? Well, EZ Lynk has entrusted us to program all of their software. We have been working with them from the beginning to design, enhance, and support their technical needs making sure their product is top notch quality. Things that were extremely important to EZ lynk were innovation, security, and of course, capacity. They want to be able to grow their company as fast as people can find out about them and that means a lot of work on our end. Constant updates, new hardware to program, and continuous support has really helped us to grow as well. We are in high demand!

Areas of work have included: production line factory software, ECU reverse engineering, software development in C, C# Cloud tools, and ECU diagnostic and reprogramming…which in layman’s terms means a heck of a lot. We luckily have an incredibly talented staff that has been able to go above and beyond what was originally expected of them. So many new features and road blocks have popped up and nothing has stopped them from getting it done!

The best part is, we got to be a part of someone else’s vision. Great ideas are out there and many of them can change life as we know it, but unfortunately a lot of ideas are only ever that…an idea. We want to change that and we are! It doesn’t have to be firmware programming, it can be a website, an app, or even just increasing security on something you already have -we can do it all. Don’t forget to reach out to us if we can help you get your business where it deserves to be.

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