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MARCH 28, 2019


Salvo’s Offices are anything but ordinary. We have computers and desks for our development work, but we also need space to be human.

How long can you really stay chained to your desk before you turn into the arsonist from Office Space?

We don’t want that!

We took to the polls and asked: What would make your work day even better? How do you like to relax, blow off steam, and get re-energized? What is the meaning of life?  

Hint: the answer to the last question is 42.

Upgrade #1

The first request was MUSIC. When everyone is focused (always) it is so quiet! We needed some background noise to keep the energy up. Wish granted! 

Ashtin set up a company Spotify that anyone here could access to adjust the music choice. People’s dreams of being an office DJ can be fulfilled. The Sonos play1 speakers even tune themselves based off the reverberations from the furniture – leading to quality music and semi-quality dance moves.

Upgrade #2

We wanted a place to relax and do something entertaining. So, we created the lounge! 

A 55” smart TV complete with Hulu, Amazon Prime, and Smash Bros. We will certainly use this space for company updates and meetings, but most importantly it will be used to determine who is better at the important things in life…like SMASH. 

Upgrade #3

We had a lot of inquiries for something more active? The original intent was ping pong, but we ran into an issue; What if only one employee needed a break? The only person that can go solo on ping pong is Forest Gump himself. We considered a billiards table instead, but with such a small office that can be quite the noisy distraction. 

The final suggestion actually stemmed from an employee trip. The crew was celebrating a job well done after a trip down to the Caymans and got into a VERY serious darts competition. It is now thanks to them that we have the Dart Alley in the office. We have to especially thank a previous employee Ben for helping us realize we would need a dart board backer for people who couldn’t quite hit the board.

Upgrade #4

To keep people awake and nourished we had a make-shift kitchen. All the standard items such as a fridge, water cooler, and coffee maker were there, but on a janky table. Without a sink we had to dump the extra coffee in the drinking fountain down the hall… So we upgraded!

We now have actual counter tops, a built in sink (complete with water – fancy that), a mini fridge that we keep stocked with a variety of energy drinks, Kombucha, and other beverages, and a coffee bar. Amazing!! I now make daily lattes in the office at no cost to me – mucho appreciado for my free machiatto!


Upgrade #5

Finally, we needed more plants. You can never have too many and here at Salvo we never have enough. #plantswelcome

November 2018 Office Plant Family Gathering

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