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MARCH 28, 2019


Here – this is why you should partner with us for you development needs. 


12 pages. Searching “software companies near me” returned 12 pages worth of results in Google listings. At 20 listings per page, that is 240 companies to consider hiring. You certainly don’t have time to sort through them. There’s a secret to finding the right company that most people don’t know about. Up until 2017, literally no one knew it was an option; now everyone is catching on. The secret is to call Salvo. We can go over your project scope with you and help you determine the best way to accomplish what you are trying to achieve. In the rare case this is out of our core competencies, we will help you find the right specialist from our trusted partners.

We feel our mindset establishes trust and we really like that. There are no healthy relationships or partnerships that function without a strong foundation of trust.  We are a reputation based company, meaning if you do well then so do we. One thing we do to show you how committed we are is WE DON’T CHEAT. Business is hard enough without having your competition right on your heels in terms of development. If you are our customer, we will sign NDAs and Non-Competes to prove to you that you are the only customer in that industry we will serve. The work we do for you is to help you succeed far and beyond what everyone else is doing, so we wouldn’t want anyone else to get a shoe-up.


Collaborating on a laptop. Photo by John Schnobrich on Unsplash

Once we have your trust, we really like to blow your mind. We Hire Talent! a degree won’t get you a job at Salvo, you have to be an absolute guru for your job niche and collaborate well with others. We do this because we never want to let a customer down. This is our industry, this is our passion, this is our life – we know software! 

So, now that we have established that we are confidently competent people, we still want to do more. It’s not enough to know how to do the work if you can’t communicate what you’re doing. We will make you a portal where you can see the progress of your project, get regular updates, ask questions, and never be left in the dark. We document everything we do, so you know we are only billing you hours we actually worked. Best of all, we work with you on price. Give a little, get a little more work from happy customers!

Sometimes the work is good, the price is good, and you even trust your partner – but it’s not an easy relationship right? We are proud of our small business culture here because it makes us flexible. If you want to make changes we can do it instantly without all the bureaucracy and unnecessary paperwork. We can meet on your schedule, virtually or in person, and at your place or ours (most people choose ours because we let our dogs sit in on the meetings). All in all, we want to keep the bad stress out of business.


There – a few reasons why we make a good partner to do business with. 


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