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MARCH 28, 2019


Minimalism has been trending as we near 2020. It seems the information age has everything available at our fingertips and its beginning to get a little overwhelming. More people are suffering from anxiety, short attention spans, and insomnia than ever before – so what are we doing about our mental health? One company has been taking this issue head on by offering technology to simplify your smart devices and let you experience less – Palm.

Photo credit belongs to the official Palm website

There’s a name you haven’t heard in a while. Palm is making a come-back. Apple and Android wiped them off the map in the early 2000s with their cutting edge technology. People wanted more options and smaller devises and palm couldn’t seem to keep up on their capability paired with design. Palm isn’t going to take Apple and Android on head to head though. Instead, they created the new palm which is meant to be a compliment to your existing smart devices. A mini version of a smartphone that only has your favorite or critical apps so you can choose how involved you want to be. Their slogan? Leave your phone at home. That’s a bold thing to say – I haven’t left my phone at home since it was tethered to my wall.


The Palm is small – less screen size than the original Iphone – and it has far less capabilities than the Iphone. It contrasts more to a wearable such as an iwatch to alert you of notification being pushed from your phone. It has a sync-able calendar, messaging, etc; but, its primary purpose is to limit the digital distraction. One of the main features is to set “silent” times where you won’t receive any notifications, such as when you sit down to dinner with family. It’s also very convenient to carry around when you’re active. Accessories such as the spandex sleeve allow you to carry it much the same as the Ipod Nano if you can remember that far back. It can strap to your arm during a workout or yoga and never be in the way.

Photo credit belongs to the official Palm website

It’s nice to see tech companies recognize and take responsibility for the way their products have changed the world. Instead of looking to get people addicted to their apps, they are opting to give people the freedom to shut down. No more digital leash keeping you bound to your networks. Live life: commercial, distraction, and screen free. Thanks Palm for thinking of us.

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