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Telematics is a broad statement that essentially indicates 2-way telecommunications or wireless communication to assist drivers in controlling their vehicles. Primarily; road safety, sensors that communicate a change in motion requirement, or virtual  / digital management of the car. Safety and reliability are the number ONE concern in this field – there is absolutely no margin for error.   

  • GPS Tracking
  • Emergency Communication ( 911 assist)
  • Autonomous Vehicles
  • Lane Assist
  • Back Up Sensors
  • Virtual Controls (remote start, lock, shut down, lights)
  • Driver Monitoring (used for insurance companies)

In-Vehicle Infotainment or IVI is a combination of information and entertainment that have an interactive interface. This could include touch screens, buttons, or display screens. Comfort and convenience are the major factors when it comes to designing Infotainment products. Systems that are fast, simple, and impressively robust are going to dominate the market.

  • Navigation
  • Cameras
  • Audio / Video Media
  • Bluetooth / Wifi
  • Hands-free Calling / SMS
  • Interactive Media

Add-on or After-Market products were designed to make a driver’s experience more customized. Perhaps manufacturers weren’t wise enough to notice the demand in time, or maybe they didn’t see the value at their selling price point, so independent manufacturers brought them to market. 

  • Custom Auto Tuning
  • Dash Cams
  • Radar Detectors
  • Windshield Projector
  • Custom Interior Lights
  • Sound Systems
  • Security Systems
The Design Automation and Test in Europe Conference in 2012 estimated that embedded systems and software contributes some 30 to 40 percent of the total value in automotive systems. With electric vehicles, software programming is an integral part of every bit of functionality. 
  • Power Monitoring
  • Battery Range and Lifetime
  • In-Vehicle Networks
  • Embedded Control Power Management

Farming is no longer an art; It’s a science that is supported and ran by technology. Custom auto programming in this field help farmers to work smarter and grow higher yielding crops. 

  • Tractor / Farm Vehicles
  • Maintenance Management Systems
  • ERP for Farming Systems
  • Farm Data Management (water levels, soil testing, weather tracking).

Drones gained popularity once they went from a hobby to commercialized use. Photographers, land surveyors, fulfillment services, and even the military are jumping on board with discovering all the ways they can be used. How can you repurpose this technology?

  • Drone Mapping
  • Remote Communication & Control
  • Flight Stabilization
  • Location Tracking
  • Performance Enhancements (speed, turning radius, lift).
  • Camera Integration
  • Mechanical Robotics Integration

Automotive Protocols

  • J1939
  • J1979
  • J2354
  • ISOBUS – ISO 11783
  • ISO-TP
  • ISO 15765-2
  • UDS
  • RV-C

Ever since the automotive industry formed it has been a major staple for innovation. Like any mature market, once vehicle performance approached it’s consumer peak, new features became the competition point. The automotive industry is disrupting! We are now looking at fleets of electric vehicles, self-driving autonomous vehicles, and essentially digital transportation of physical goods.

With all of the most creative and scientific minds focusing on this industry there is a prediction of extreme financial growth to be expected for automotive related services, such as shared mobility and data-connectivity-services. According to some experts, up to 1.5 trillion dollars can be expected to fill this market by the year 2030.

There is seemingly no limit to the advancements we are seeing in mechanical technology today and all of it is made possible with a competent, reliable, conscious, and forward thinking software team – like Salvo!


EZ Lynk Client

EZ Lynk is an international company that developed a cloud based diagnostic and reprogramming tool for your vehicle. If you have ever had a diagnostic light come on in your dash, then you probably had to drive to a mechanic for them to use their scanning tool to find out what’s wrong. The auto agent device is just like that scanner, but it stays in your car. The read-out can be accessed securely anywhere you can use the app! That’s just the basics of it, but you can use this tool to do so much more.

Many car and truck enthusiasts have caught on to this technology and have used it to enhance their vehicle’s performance. Adjustments can be made to the software of the electronic control units, or ECU, so that they can optimize individual traits of the engine. Racing, towing, and off-roading are all examples of a vehicle pushing itself to the limits and now the driver (or their team) has even more control. Even on youtube diesel truck enthusiasts have been sharing their experience with EZ lynk and posting great reviews!

So where do we play a part in all this? Well, EZ Lynk has entrusted us to program their software. We have been working with them from nearly the beginning to design, enhance, and support their technical needs making sure their product is top notch quality. Things that were extremely important to EZ lynk were innovation, security, and of course, capacity. They want to be able to grow their company as fast as people can find out about them, and that means a lot of work on our end. Constant updates, new hardware to program, and continuous support has really excelled our growth as well; We are in high demand!

Areas of work have included: production line factory software, ECU reverse engineering, software development in C, C# Cloud tools, and ECU diagnostic and reprogramming…which in layman’s terms means a heck of a lot. We luckily have an incredibly talented staff that has been able to go above and beyond what was originally expected of them. So many new features and road blocks have popped up and nothing has stopped them from getting it done!

The best part is, we got to be a part of someone else’s vision. Great ideas are out there and many of them can change life as we know it, but unfortunately a lot of ideas are only ever that…an idea. We want to change that and we are! It doesn’t have to be firmware programming, it can be a website, an app, or even just increasing security on something you already have -we can do it all. Don’t forget to reach out to us if we can help you get your business where it deserves to be.